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new rebel stuff

busy buzzing

stormy monday

work in progress

an afternoon at underland

back where I belong

snow rebel

now that's kinda cool

the rebel at finderskeepers

straight from the heart

diy jewelry display

finderskeepers x-mas edition

monday it is

i am rebel

feathers and chains

triangle necklace

a small selection of my work

something something

kiss me scarlett #2

kiss me scarlett

leather collar necklace

work on instagram

homemade favorites

hard work pays off

silly blue truck

hipster magic

more skulls

put a ring on it

smiling skull necklace

square silver bead

wednesday at UNDER LAND



Yet another diy present

DIY birthday present

DIY casio necklace

diy for someone else

the magazine game

butterflies in my tummy

coffee and work

hang with me

my project


collar tips

working by candle light


show off



the dylan collection

still a busy bee

how to make a shoe

busy bee

klippe-klistre dag

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