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mønster amok

sol, sand, strand og vand

forårssol over københavn

mintfarvet guld

en lilla sigøjner på vesterbro

blegt er sejt

i en wannabe jungle

vesterbro med sne på

it don't matter if you're black or white

an attic fanatic

knock knock

blue alice

a black dress for christmas

early bird

like a little school girl

the minty girl strikes again

november flashback


I'm a 90's kinda girl

black sheep

skinny black jeans

blue girl

put a bow on it

i'm just a peachy girl

aztec street edition

felix and I

wanna play for the dodgers

cap you later

you kinda look like mickey

new flowery favorite

on a sunday

jumpin' fashionista

pineapple swag

a comfy one

power flower

pastel friday

cool cat with a hat


grey day


Barcelona te quiero

piano girl



what i'm wearing today

look at me look at me

minty monday

me and my board

hello mr. willy wonka

mixmatch and silver feet

tony the tiger

ginger street

keepin' it street

one of the boys

the aztec girl

cool mint

sunday girl

urban jungle



colourless sunday

the colour coordinated one

kiss kiss kiss

a to the didas

a is for animal - and adidas

it's oh so dark

put on your funny face

thursday wear

purple girl

look at me looking at you


oh monday

white woods

stripes and stuff


it's all about the colours

a minty sucker

tuesday suit

a dash of mint and gold

grey goose

all in one piece

dots and orange

minty wednesday

first and last

another year has passed

like a tiny ballerina

merry x-mas everybody

silver fox

fire on ice

where did all the snow go

the treasure hunters

ice ice baby


hausfrau friday

a little help

just a quick one

alice in under land

white stuff

be brave

like a burnt out galaxy

drop it like it's hot

another woman's treasure


hello monday

why so serious


i'm like a bird

fancy friday

eye of the tiger

happy b-day mr. handsome


like an irishman

freezing my a** off

oh sandy

with a touch of gold

blowing in the wind

wednesday splash of colour

kinda casual

it's that damn raccoon again

scirocco - my love

on 2nd hand

flowers will bloom in october

it's all in the detail

splashing orange

let's go to the zoo

fell in love in the suburbs

minty ballerina

colours like autumn leaves


mix of the day

dancing in the miami sun

mixin' it up in a friday


black, white and grey

a stroll downtown

crazy raccoon

voice - the battle

shades of army

jeans became a shirt

back to black

the last bbq

how i look on a friday

take a bow


high on the streets

mix it up

triangle necklace

b-day stripes

let's crop it up

let's go north

colour splash

let your voice be heard

oh stella

blue stripes

lace on a wednesday

hot monday


pretty pattern

let's put some color on it

casual monday

gotta love that adidas

dressed for roskilde

pretty red door 

on a tuesday

shadows and light

oh well - strike two

it's not goodbye - it's see ya

it's all distorted

the rockabilly kinda 50's

kinda 50's

i put a zebra  on my head


sunday chillax

what's up with that hat

cat eats whale

i'm back on track

pretty tie-dye dress

looking kinda grey today

in my favorite dress

dotty wednesday

monday in my new shirt

i'm a singstar

oh my - i think i love you

the blue leopard


yellow ballerina

put on your sunday shoes

ta daaa...

chains of love

i'm so freakin' street



the swedish tiger

itsy bitsy spider

ginger is back

casual thursday

on a tuesday

minty sunday uniform

pattern crazy

strike a pose

the pink clown


out and about


same procedure as last year

on the 2nd day of christmas

a skirt and a t-shirt

grey + yellow pleat

four eyes

something yellow

lovin' that jersey

new favorite


Fallin' sunday

I'm grey today


new in - yellow

sommer i oktober

shades of grey

casual friday


...a fashion night out

nyt fra århus

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